Friday, April 22, 2011

State Sponsored Sterilization: It's time.

There are going to be some people out there that say this is taking it too far.  They are wrong.  I've been fuming lately about the complete garbage in Scioto County that's getting national attention now (O-H!), so when I read this article in the Dispatch today, I snapped.

First of all, let me just say---MY HEART ACHES FOR THESE KIDS.  Secondly, all I can think about is how I would like to strangle their parents.  And third, how the fuck can we solve this problem?

Of course it's not just one problem.   Yes, there's the innocent children--who we are continually reminded are our future.  A dismal, pathetic future.  Then there's the incredible cost we all end up paying for these bastards.  I'm not just being a dick when I use that word, either.  Cost.

I mean, how many more programs and schools and treatments and evaluations and reform and more programs must we support before we either go broke, or completely insane?  To procreate with no regard for your progeny is pure evil.  To live one's life as a serial bottom feeder is evil.  To keep treating the symptoms of a disease instead of eradicating it is evil.  I'll take it one step further.  Willfully neglecting your constituency to the point of virtual enslavement, and exploiting the ignorant and impoverished for political gain and power--is also evil.

Spay or neuter your pets, says Bob Barker, and so say I. 

It's time for the mother of all buy-back/cash-for-clunker/guns-for-cash programs.  It's time to get serious about really helping.  I'm not even going to bother listing what we ALREADY pay for because I might seriously have a stroke.  However, healthcare, birth control and abortion are on the list.  I say, if we want to get serious about changing lives, cutting spending, shaping the future, and all that happy shit---------we need a public option for sterilization.

Yes, I am serious.  In fact, nonprofits have been doing this for a while, although the programs have been specifically aimed at drug addicts.  Which is a good place to start.  Just imagine what inroads could be made if we could stop addicts from reproducing.  Hell, we'll give you $2000 cash as soon as you let us sterilize you in an irreversible procedure that will cost you nothing but a short period of discomfort.  You could get a fresh start with that kind of cash, maybe even a cheap used car.  Or, you could use it all to buy drugs--which is fine.  In fact, you can use it to buy a shitload of drugs.  So much so that you might overdo it, if you know what I mean... which is also fine with us.

But what I'm suggesting is taking it to the NEXT LEVEL.  Use tax dollars to do it, and open up the program to all dumb-asses, not just drug addicts.  Hell, open it up to everyone.  Equal opportunity for anyone to stop making brat kids that we don't want to raise.  You think politics are polar now, just wait for this idea to surface.  And not because we just **care** so much for society, or want to "protect reproductive rights"---but because we will be scared shitless of losing votes.

So maybe I'm asking for the impossible with a public option, although maybe it could happen at the state level in a place like Arizona or Texas.  Let's get it started.  For the moment, I'll settle for the nonprofit route--but it needs to be much bigger.  Like a nationwide, scorched-earth campaign.  A sort of anti- No Child Left Behind.  Leave them way behind... like not even born!

Who is with me?

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